About Cozy Homes

We would love to help you. Please call to make an appointment to discuss your Tiny House needs. We are not open specific hours. Its on an appointment only schedule. Call today.

We are Cozy Homes. We really believe in the Tiny House movement. We spend a lot of time with our clients to make sure they get exactly what they are looking for. We find out what is important to you and design around that. These homes can be built in any design you would like. My favorite quote is “Sometimes people are nothing more that caretakers of their possessions” ~ unknown

We have many years experience designing functional spaces. We build with the highest quality standards possible. All of our framing is screwed with 3.5″ screws. We never use a framing nail gun to build your new home. We feel that framing nails are not a durable way to build a home that is going to be pulled around the country. Everything is al la carte with our Tiny Homes. We start with a solid foundation and add the materials and features you want.

We can build them on skids, Wheels or build you one out of a shipping container. We can even build one on site is some cases. There are lots of ways to go tiny.

We are based out of Georgetown Texas. We do not mass produce. Each home is built one at a time. Please call to schedule a time to meet with us to help you design your next space. 512-736-5689 ask for Nathan. Or email us at tinycozyhomes@gmail.com

We hope to help you with your next project. Thank you for considering Cozy Homes.